Get the Perfect Dock for Your Property

Offering dock assessments in Clifton, Bangor, and Central and Coastal Maine

It's important to choose the right dock for your property, and Downeast Docks can give you a hand with that. Before you call us for dock installation services, you need us to assess your space first. We offer dock assessment services in the Central and Coastal Maine area. All we'll require from you is a $100 fee. If you end up getting a dock from us after the assessment, we'll apply that $100 toward the installation.

What does an assessment involve?

A dock assessment is essential for choosing the right dock. By assessing your space and speaking with you, we'll determine your:

  • Dock needs
  • Available space
  • Preferred dock brands

After you decide on the dock that you want, we can set up a delivery from the manufacturer. Contact us today if you have any questions about our dock installation services. We can't wait to hear what you think.